"In an ideal world, Chicago singer-songwriter Todd Kessler would’ve become a household name in November 2017, when his debut, “About Memory,” dropped. From its opening cut...the album unveiled two irresistible selling points, the first being Kessler’s gorgeous high tenor...The other major quill in his quiver is his songwriting chops..." Newcity

Todd Kessler Performs on WGN TV

“Meet You There,” his [Todd Kessler's] newest single, deals with destructive endings and the hope of new beginnings. It comes at a time when destruction seems the only way out of our current political situation, so I think a lot of people will be able to relate to the lyrics. The track finds Kessler playing with new rhythms, but still delivering the words in the same smooth manner for which he’s known." - Music.Defined.

"US singer songwriter Todd Kessler delivers an album that is up there with the best of em’ in the singer songwriter, roots and Americana genres...One of the most pleasing and impressive singer songwriter albums to land on my desk for some considerable time." - Music Republic Magazine

"Every year, as I listen to albums and EPs from former contestants of The Voice it seems like someone comes out of nowhere to stun me with a brilliant release. This year, it was Todd Kessler with this eight-track album." - Voice Views

"A dynamically-gentle, compelling folk-Americana album by an earnest singer-songwriter from Chicago. Mr. Kessler once shared his chops on The Voice and that certainly helped raise his profile as an artist of merit and will hopefully afford him a much deserved wider audience for this amazing new album." - Culture Catch